2011 Season

March 12 – Home -  S*M*A*S*H Unit vs. Flat Track Furies (Emerald City Roller Girls – Eugene, OR)

  • In our first bout of the season, March Radness, the Furies brought a game of solid walls and spry jamming.  The S*M*A*S*H Unit gave it their all, but the Furies took home the win with a slim margin. 126-134

April 9 – Away – S*M*A*S*H Unit vs. Smokin’ Ashes (Lava City Roller Dolls – Bend, OR)

  • 92-122

May 14 – Away – S*M*A*S*H Unit vs. Terrormedixxx (Slaughter County Roller Vixens – Kitsap County, WA)

  • 105-234

May 21 – Home – S*M*A*S*H Unit vs. 8 Wheel Assassins (Cherry City Derby Girls – Salem, OR)

  • Cherry City’s 8 Wheel Assassins brought their “A” game to the SMASH ‘Em All Derby Brawl, employing lots of new strategies since we last saw them.  The S*M*A*S*H Unit, however, also had some new tricks up their sleeves, and came out victorious.  212-66

July 9 – Home - Dis-Orderlies vs. Sis-Q Rollerz (Medford, OR)

  • In their debut bout, the Dis-Orderlies took the track with a fierce determination, starting their career with a decisive win.  The Sis-Q Rollerz brought style, class, and loads of fun.  This was the first bout for many skaters from both teams, but will certainly not be their last!  197-41

August 19-21 – Away – Rollerpalooza – (hosted by Coos County Roller Girls – Coos Bay, OR)

  • What a blast!  Sick Town met some amazing teams at this fantastic tournament!  Three days of non-stop derby action and shenanigans left us all worn out, but VICTORIOUS!!  After some hard-fought battles, our S*M*A*S*H Unit brought home the trophy after a win against the fabulous Maui Rollergirls in the championship bout.

September 10 – Home - S*M*A*S*H Unit vs. The World (Mash-up of Rat City, Rose City, Emerald City, and Finland!) and Dis-Orderlies vs. ECRG B-Team (30 minute mini bout)

  • In a head-to-head battle to the finish, our Dis-Orderlies pulled out a win over Emerald City.   The teams were well matched, so there was no rest as everyone pulled out all of the stops to try and keep hold of the lead. Dis-Orderlies came out victorious this time in a very close game.  62-59

  • Once again it was a close, well-matched bout with the lead going back and forth throughout the game. At the half it looked like our S*M*A*S*H Unit would pull out victorious; however, with some incredible second half play from “The World” they secured the win.  109-121

October 1 – Away – Dis-Orderlies vs. Sis-Q Rollerz (Medford, OR – The Venue)

  • This rematch was amazing!  The Sis-Q Rollerz debuted their new location with a bang, and both teams were excited to get back on the track together.  Sis-Q brought out some new weapons, while the Dis-Orderlies used tried and true strategy.    After losing Jollie Knock-Hers in the first half to an ankle injury, the Dis-Orderlies were determined to win it for their teammate – and DID!  120-70

October 22 – Away – S*M*A*S*H Unit vs. Knocktoberfest – (hosted by Rainy City Roller Dolls - Centralia, WA – RollerDrome)

  • Our S*M*A*S*H Unit has done it again – we brought home another tournament trophy!!!  In this fantastic tournament, 4 teams each played 2 mini bouts to determine the champions! 

  • Bout #1 – S*M*A*S*H Unit vs. Fort Lewis Bettie Brigade

  • Bout #2 – Mill City Mayhem vs. Rainy City

  • Bout #3 – Fort Lewis vs. Rainy City

  • Bout #4 – S*M*A*S*H Unit vs. Mill City Mayhem

  • We want to give a HUGE thank you to our hosts, Rainy City, who really know how to make a team feel welcome.  Not only was the tourney a blast, but the after-party and after-after-party were phenomenal!  Who checked out the hottub???

November 5 – Home – S*M*A*S*H Unit. vs. The Trampires (Dockyard Derby Dames – Tacoma, WA)

  • Our season finale was a bittersweet event.  Two of our favorite skaters, Cos’Mo Pain and St. Nick, skated their last bout before heading into retirement.  While we will miss them dearly, it was great to get one last bout with them.  The Trampires fought tooth and nail, and gave our S*M*A*S*H Unit a hefty beating.  However, Sick Town’s season ended with a definitive win, sending us into the off-season on a high note.