Intermediate Skater of the Month – Scarlett Harlett

Scarlett Harlett

Intermediate Skater of the Month: Scarlett Harlett # 711 (AKA: Mama Wolf)

Scarlett is the heart and soul of Sick Town! She volunteers for both Sick Town and Candy Stripers and plays hard to reach her goal of bouting with her team. This girl has so much awesome!

Interview by Meat Candy # 72

MC: Tell me about the first time you saw a Sick Town bout and got the Sickness.

SH: The first bout I saw was early 2010. I was in complete awe of the skaters and the sport. The flash. The camaraderie. The roar of cheering spectators.  At the time, a friend who was skating with Sick Town had been incessantly telling me that derby was a sport made for me and I should give it a shot. I kept blowing the idea off thinking it was an impossible dream. Growing up I was a rink rat, but went for the pinball and boys, not the skating. I had no skills at all, could barely skate and honestly thought I was too heavyset to play. I was fresh out of a divorce and in a dark slump in life. Finally, I gave in to my friend and attended a New Skater Day with the agreement that she would stop bugging me. I suddenly felt this urgency to better myself and being welcomed by such wonderful women thrust me into my first sport. Roller derby. That’s all it took. I was hooked on day one.

MC: How long have you been with the league and what keeps you involved?

SH: I’ve been with Sick Town since November 2011. Derby gives me multiple driving factors for ongoing involvement with the league. First and foremost is being a role model to my daughter. I didn’t have a positive upbringing and when I became pregnant, I swore I would do everything in my power to raise her in a loving, nurturing and supportive atmosphere. I’m showing her that women can be powerful and that you can do anything you put your mind to with dedication and hard work. That you don’t have to be put in this box of what you can and can’t do that society often puts women in.  I’ve found female bonding to be an amazing force and to share it with other women that are passionate about the same thing keeps me involved. Giving back and volunteering for not only the league, but in the community as a whole is humbling.  The physical activity of the sport has become a vital part of why I continue. Yes, we all know it’s healthy for your body, but I found that it made me mentally healthy as well. The rush and accomplishment I feel after a practice makes me feel like Superwoman and that can be quite addicting.

MC: You actively use two different Derby names, tell me about that.

SH: One great thing about derby is the opportunity to take on a different “persona”. You can create this alter ego that’s an extension of you. As a STDD skater, I am Scarlett Harlett. Flirty, feisty and a tad foul. A couple months after I started with the league, The Candy Stripers was born. I immediately offered it up to my daughter and became active in the Jr. derby league. I didn’t feel it was appropriate for 10 yr. old girls to know the persona of Scarlett Harlett. Another extension of me is the role of mom. I love kids and feel a sense of needing to protect them, guide them and be encouraging. My daughter had decided on her derby name which was “Littlewolf” (she has now changed it to “Lonerwolf”) One day at practice, the Vice President and a coach to the Candy Stripers, Jollie Knock-hers had called me “Mama Wolf”. It just stuck with me. The Candy Stripers started calling me Mama Wolf and thus began my second person

MC: Candy stripers have been a part of Sick Town for a year now. What has been your involvement with its beginnings up to now?

SH: At first I was just a proud mom watching from off the track. Sharing a sport with my daughter was helping us grow closer. Then I started jumping in and just helping girls with loose wheels, tightening toe stops and running ice packs to injured girls. A volunteer position was offered to me shortly after. I became the “Dues Mama”. I collected and kept track of the monthly dues. After that my involvement snowballed into becoming the secretary/treasurer/dues collector and one of several trainers for the Candy Stripers. The help was needed and I was invested in making a difference in the league not just because my daughter is involved, but for the love I had developed for all the Candy Stripers. I’ve watched them from the beginning and witnessed the transformation in them that mirrors the growth I’ve personally experienced. I’m very proud to play a pivotal role in the growth of the league and being a role model to young girls. I look back and really wish I had someone like that in my life as a kid.

MC: What are Scarlet’s plans for this coming year and how are Mama Wolf’s plans different.

SH: Scarlett has her eyes dead set on skating in her first bout by this time next year. I’m stepping my game up and giving in to this hunger I’ve had to actually be on the track and play the game, not just practice it. My plans are more physically based and growing into a recognized powerhouse on the track. I’m driven to become the best skater I can be and give back to the ladies who have helped me in this journey. Scarlett’s personal evolution will trickle down to the Candy Stripers. The more Scarlett grows in derby allows Mama Wolf to grow with the Candy Stripers. While I do train them on my skates, my involvement with the Stripers is more leadership based. I want to continue learning the logistics of running a roller derby league and all its paperwork. More importantly, my plans for the Stripers are to continue what I’m already doing. Being present and accountable. Being there for them as someone they can trust and ask questions. Not just for derby but in life in general. Being a positive influence that is lacking for young girls these days.