STDD 2012 Holiday Party & League Awards

Every December, as our competitive season winds down and our skaters get a bit of a break, Sick Town hosts a holiday party for our members’ families.  The location always changes, the food is always different, and there are always a few different faces, but two things are always the same: karaoke and awards!!!

While I’d love to share videos of our skaters belting out their best renditions of your favorite songs, I think it’s wise to stick to a few photos.  We have some really amazing vocal talent within our league!  This year’s theme was “Prom Night: A Night on the Serengeti”.  There were formal dresses, ties, and animal print as far as the eye could see.  We also rigged up a pinata for the kids!

We use this party as a way to give recognition to the people who make our league possible.  We give a big “Thank You” to our refs and NSOs for all their hard work and dedication, our Training Committee for keeping us on our game, and our Board of Directors for their time, energy, and patience in keeping the league going.

But perhaps the most fun is hearing the winners of the awards.  All of Sick Town votes on who will win each category; some are coveted, and some are avoided!  Here’s a recap of the winners for this year’s ‘Best of Sick Town’ awards.

2012 League Awards

Up & Coming Skater: Septic

Most Improved Skater: Bloodstain

MVP Blocker: PWN Face Killa’

MVP Jammer: Stitches N’ Bones

Miss STDD: Gerta Dammerung

Best Assets: Arctic Wolfsbane

Most Inappropriate (the “Bruiser” award): Ophelia Muffkrush

Most Fashionable: Chelle FU Up

Stinkiest: Land Tuna