Volunteers are what keep our league running.  Without them, we’d be nowhere; having NO FUN!  So, if you’re interested in helping out the Sick Town Derby Dames, no matter your skills or abilities, we can find something right for you.

Event Staff

Are you interested in helping with bout production?  We always need help with track prep, door help, crowd control, security, and lots of other jobs on event days.  Volunteers get into the bouts for free, so get in touch with us at sicktownvolunteers@gmail.com and let us know how you’d like to help out.


Are you an EMT?  A triage nurse?  Do you work or study Sports Medicine?  Volunteer to help out as a Medic and get into a bout for free.  Although our referees and skaters strive to keep the each other as safe as possible, accidents do happen.  Contact us at sicktownvolunteers@gmail.com for more details.


Are you a male who loves to skate and wants to be involved?  Are you a woman who loves to skate, but full contact isn’t for you?  Or maybe you just have a fondness for shiny whistles, black and white stripes, and going by the book.  Either way, our Referee crew is for you!  Once you’ve mastered the rules, you will be ensuring our Derby Dames are abiding by the latest WFTDA rules, keeping everyone safe.  Contact our Head Ref at sicktownofficials@gmail.com to get started.

Non-Skating Officials (NSOs) and Statisticians

Are you a stats junkie?  Are you an accountant, math teacher, or number cruncher by day?  Then join our NSO crew.  These folks in Official Stripes are indispensable in a good game of derby.  They do an important job of tracking each and every derby girl, how many points are scored, how many penalties are earned, and how many trips she takes to the box.  Contact our Head Ref at sicktownofficials@gmail.com; we’ll even provide a clip-board.

If your skills or interests aren’t in the above categories, don’t worry!  Get in touch at sicktownvolunteers@gmail.com and we’ll find what’s right for you!